Choice theory forms the foundation of what we teach and is based on the belief that we choose every aspect of our lives. If you are a person who interacts with others, then this training is for you! Our participants come from all aspects of life, from business people, parents, counselors, educators, probation officers, hair stylists just to name a few. Registering for Basic Intensive Training will teach you the value of relationship building.

William Glasser International, Inc. invites you to submit a presentation proposal for the 1st WGI FACULTY SUMMIT on Professional Development which will include introductions to “Your Life: Your Choice”, Basic Intensive Training, and Faculty Programs.

Why Present:

  • Connect with peers on a global scale
  • Join amazing professional development opportunities
  • Participate in high caliber Quality of diverse topics
  • Collaborate with colleagues from around the world


  • Receive recognition from peers and attendees
  • Expand your professional portfolio
  • Improve knowledge and skills for future training
  • Engage in a dynamic international event to gain new ideas