Power of choice

The William Glasser Middle East summit


Our Mission

Connecting the world with Choice Theory.

Our Vision

The William Glasser Middle East Summit strives to provide an opportunity to develop and expand Choice theory and Reality Therapy culture in areas of mental health, relationships, education and leadership; support trainers and practitioners thereof, and stimulate scientific and applied professional research in the Arabian Society.

Power of choice


  • Connect and collaborate with colleagues from the Arabian Society.
  • Join and Participate in high caliber quality of diverse topics.
  • Expand and Improve knowledge and skills for future training.
  • Engage in a dynamic event to gain new ideas.

Types of Presentations

The aim of a 90-Minute Session is to provide three presenters each presentation does not exceed (30) minutes, provided that the offering is (20) minutes and discussion in (10) minutes the opportunity to share creatively an extended aspect within one of the broader categories under which their topic is to be presented.

The aim of a Panel Discussion is to form a group of no more than five [5} people with a particular area of expertise, chaired by one of the members of the panel, to offer differing perspectives on a topic so chosen. One example may be that of research. The key to this format is to engage in sharing their expertise with others.

The Conference Program will include Presentations and Panel discussions related to: