Certified Instructor in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy

Dr. Mohammed Al-Zamil

Assistant Professor in the College of Education – Department of Psychology – The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training. Owner of the Behavior Control Form – approved by the UK -Bradford University and the William Glasser Institute. USA-2008. William Glasser Institute. In 2012, opened the first real-life treatment center in the Middle East, partnership with Global Company. For training and focus, certified by the Glasser Institute for Realistic Therapy. 1980 Obtained an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Psychology. 1983-1981 – obtained a master’s degree in psychology and a master’s degree in government administration from the USA.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Reality Therapy Diploma, USA.
  • Diploma in Effective Teaching, Canada.
  • Diploma in Strategic Planning, UK.
  • 1992 participated in establishing the Career Development Center - The Public Authority for Applied Education and Training.
  • 1992 Director of the Development Center, the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training.
  • 1997 Designed many training programs (Authority Teacher - Scientific Research Course - Computer Education).
  • 2001 worked as a training consultant in the Office of Social Development - affiliated to the Mari Diwan - Ashraf Ali.
  • Designed 100 training bags with a team working - dealing with psychological and behavioral aspects.
  • He practiced psychological counseling, where he spent a long time dealing with bitter adult states.
  • Designer and developer of programs related to self-development, behavioral sphere - and human relations - and skills Training.