Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Dr. Farida D’Silva Dias

Dr. Farida D’Silva Dias, has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology, is an Educator and Behavioural Trainer, and also has a Master’s degree in Business Management, and another in Clinical Psychology. She is a certified Sr. Faculty Instructor of the William Glasser International, Inc. (WGI) and teaches Reality Therapy in India under the umbrella of the Centre for Reality Therapy India (CRTI), based in Goa, which is a Regional Member Organization of WGI.

Most of Farida’s CTRT learning was acquired through the Social Development Office in Kuwait during the period 1994 to 2004, and thereafter in India.

Since January 2019, is a member on the Board of Directors of WGI and represents/mentors all of the North and South African states, the Gulf, India and Sri Lanka.

Farida has over thirty years’ experience in Human Resource Management and twenty years’ experience in psychological counselling, coaching and behavioural training, all of which were achieved during her tenure in UK, USA, Kuwait, Dubai, Turkey, Amman and India (the latter sixteen years).

Presently all of her energy is directed to conducting certification programs for Reality Therapy (India, Kuwait, Dubai, Jordan, Cairo and Istanbul) as well as Behavioural workshops for the Corporate and Educational establishments, besides counselling.

Farida has registered her own Social Service Centre – Jeevan Community Centre, under which is the CENTRE FOR REALITY THERAPY INDIA (CRTI), in India. Several social services (counselling and Training) are conducted under the umbrella of this centre.

She is a passionate Public Speaker and has started Toastmasters International Clubs in Goa, besides reaching out to youth, through junior clubs to improve their Communication and Leadership Skills.

Is a member of several International and local organizations, as well as NGO’s, and works very closely with the local police for Trafficking and the Juvenile Home.